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My artwork is available on prints, canvases, T-Shirts, cases, skins and more!…
I now have a 'Collective' store over at Design By Humans. The Tees in particular are excellent quality, and I will be adding some new designs soon:

You can also follow me on facebook:

So as you may have noticed for the past year I haven't updated my DA at all. This is because I haven't really had anything to update it with! I guess you could say I have been 'inactive', disappearing from the scene and quite sadly losing motivation and inclination.

Apart from a couple of pieces I did for my small-scale design course which ended 6 months ago, Photoshop has barely been opened. I remember when I used to wonder if I would ever go a day without loading it up and fiddling with something :(. I still idle and lurk around here and several other of my favourite creative sites, but I would much rather be in the open displaying some new imagery.

Anyway, I am now at University studying Physics. Its a change of scene and although I've been pretty busy, I think this is a great time to restart my creativity so I don't go insane from the overload of differential equations >.< I've spent many lectures doodling on my writing pad, but I'd rather come up with something a bit more complete and thought out!

I'll begin by uploading the rather small offering of 3 or 4 pieces which I never got round to uploading in late 2008 or during 2009. (wow I'm listing years, this is quite scary) Hopefully I can follow up with some new work too. (I do actually have a little offering for the next Evoke release, whenever that will be ;))

I hope everyone is doing good. Never get lazy and stop being creative, it sucks!
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It appears I was tricked by the rather nasty spam bug going around. It certainly fooled me, I just assumed it was a broken link and logged back in to what looked like a legit DA page.

I'm guessing I've probably spammed everyone on my watch list multiple times. Sorry for that >.<

Thanks to everyone who noticed and told me as soon as I logged on this morning.

Have a nice day :P

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Hit 30k pageviews which is pretty cool :)

My Laptop arrived today. Its awesome, I love it. I'm currently in the process of sorting it out and transferring some files onto it.
I've been really inactive over the last few weeks, partly because I knew this 4gig baby was coming, but more from general laziness :P Once I can get Illy+PS I'll be up and running and ready for some art ;)

Had my Oxford Uni Physics exam last week. It was very (very) hard. Just have to wait and see if I get an interview.

Hope you're all good! :)

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head over to S3: and take a peek at the megalithic offering of the latest exhibit, '30th Century'.

Take a step into the future through this expanse of next-generation illustration, which sports a quality photography section and some impressive motion submissions, on top of the usual bbarrage of brilliant digital art. Featured artist Silesti has burst onto the scene with admirable enthusiasm, and fully deserves their top spot :)

I have 4 pieces in the pack (I love a bit of sci-fi ;))


Ordering my laptop today! woot!
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Its my Birthday! Hopefully this year will be even better than last one!

Can't wait till I get my present- A Dell Studio 17 laptop. Should be ordering it online sometime soon :)

Have a nice day (but not as nice as mine :P)

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Just saying thanks to Kire and WilderWein for the DD on 'Sky Driving' :)

I'll get a wallpaper sorted at some point.
I should also get round to watching The Fifth Element since everyone is saying how similar the piece is to the film! I've never heard of it before, let alone watched it and been inspired!


My UCAS application is getting sent this week. Too late to change my mind and do graphic design, its definitely gonna be Physics at Uni for me :P
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Head over to Evoke: for another visual feast of delicious artwork. Entitled Evoke II, the exhibition is a freestyle release containing some of the most imaginative, detailed and simple mindblowing pieces to date.

The featured artist for this release is Rogier de Boeve, aka Rdbok, who blew us all away with a succession of brilliant pieces. Special mentions should be given to House, Ouwen, and Dualform, who really rocked this pack. :)

I've submitted 2 solo pieces and 1 collab with Elijah.  

Go check it out!

:: VOTE!!! ::

Also, I've got a new tee up for voting on dbh. Please vote if you like it (I think you will :D)…

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I've got 2 designs up for voting on design by humans. Check 'em out, and if you like them, please give them a vote :) If you haven't got an account, make one! it only takes a few seconds.


Rags and Riches:…

As you can see, I'm in a T-Shirt design mood atm. Expect some more vote begging in a while :D


College starts on Monday! Aaaaahh! >.<
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I'm back home after a pretty busy summer holiday- been away for 4 of the last 5 weeks, first on the expedition thingy, and then a family holiday to Turkey.

College starts in a week, onto A2's now- was really pleased with my AS results.
I got 100% in graphic design. Woot! :D 6 As overall, including general studies.

Watch this space. Bits and pieces may be appearing soon :)

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Got a 2 week expedition thingy for my duke of edinburgh award. Basically, lots of walking with a big rucksack :P

peace guys.

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Fasten your seatbelts and hold on for the roller coaster ride of digital insanity that is the 17th release from Evoke.

Entitled Unity, and released to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the groups conception, the collection of art, photography and music displayed represents the continuing evolution and consistant togetherness shown by the Evoke collective.

I have been awarded with the coveted featured artist slot this time around, and to say I'm delighted would be an understatement! :)

So go on, head over to the site and be awestruck by over 60 classy contributions:


In other news, I had my last exam on Monday! I'm freeeee! woot!

I apolgoize for my excited over-use of adjectives above :P

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SlashThree is back with a show-stopping, mind-blowing 7th release, entitled 'Afterlife'.

Featured Artist Myaka did a great job with 5 submissions, including a fantastic first motion piece. He has an impressive range of skills which he's really showed off for Afterlife :)

This is my first release over at S3, and I've managed to whip up 2 new pieces for it. Hope you like 'em :)


Desktopography 2008 is now live:

Its certainly worth a look, if you haven't already. My piece 'Survivor' has made the cut :)


1 exam left, phew ^^


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Yeah so as you can see by my latest piece, I've now completed my AS Graphics course! Its been a decent course with plenty of variety and doing the final piece was tons of fun, I really got into it when I had it for 5 hours straight on Monday and gave myself a headache :P

I'm actually quitting the subject though. It'll give me more time to focus on my other 4 subjects next year when they get harder, and hopefully give me a little more free time to do some personal work :)

I've submitted Africasia as a print. Never tried it on DA, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I made it at a high resolution so the print sizes available are nice and big. ^^

I got a DD last week for my pen tool tutorial, which by now is quite ancient :P Nice to see its helpful for quite a few vector novices.
Also noticed I've hit 400 watchers. Pretty cool to think 400 people get a message every time I do something round here ;)

I'm hoping to collab with a couple of talented Evoke artists for the next release, and Desktopography will release eventually, so watch this space!


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I'm on a bit of a block. Well, more like lazy and can't be arsed kinda block. :P

I'm also really annoyed. Sky Driving was done for a contest over at some obscure photo site I stumbled on. The first prize was a Wacom Cintiq WX, and 2nd and 3rd were other Wacoms. Naturally I had to enter.
The results came out 2 days ago. I didn't win. I didn't come 2nd or 3rd, or 4th or 5th or anything at all. I came 52nd. Fucking hell. 30+ hours of work for nothing.
I wouldn't mind if it was like the Crestock contest or something. People like Rarz and Ishbu making masterpieces. I'm a pretty harsh critic of my own work, but I have to say I thought I was guaranteed a place in the top 10.

Lets take a look at the winning entry shall we?…
I reckon I could do that in under an hour. No wait. I would never do that because it sucks. Her head is so deformed she looks like some kind of flood victim out of Halo...

2nd place?…
Wow. I love how you seamlessly blended....2 images...and managed to smudge up her face. Great job.

Oh boy. half an hour of photoshop adjustments? This would be kicked out the manip section on DA because its just a colour change and theres no manipulation whatsoever.

Can these 'expert judges' not spot the difference between a feeble colouring attempt and a proper 25+ hour manip/matte painting? Obviously not. Remind me to NEVER enter an online contest again (except the Crestock one maybe ^^)

I thought this entry might win:…
it came 63rd. wtf?


Exams start in about a month. I have my 8 hour graphics final piece exam thingy on the 28th/29th of April. I'm pretty much read, so I'll just go with the flow and enjoy it. I'm heading for a good A at the moment :)

EDIT: Did the links again. Sorry for that ^^
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Its time to blow your minds again with a fresh new visual treat from Evoke!

The turn-out may have been as minimal as the theme itself, but the quality has certainly not suffered, with some outstanding individual efforts and excellent conceptual efforts. I managed to whip up 4 pieces, and my matte painting 'Tranquility Falls' earned itself a featured piece :)

The featured artist for Zen is musician Vitaliy Zavadskyy, a.k.a. NEO. Check out his work here.

Stop reading this journal and go check it out :P
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No need for more drama. Just needed a new power pack thingy. Thought 35 quid was pretty expensive though? I apologise for my small rant :P

Aaaanyway. I joined Slashthree last week, so thats another art group for me to contribute to. Looking forward to it.

Evoke releases soon, so look out for that. Desktopography will also release eventually ^^

I've got my graphics exam at college in about 3 weeks. I'm not exactly sure what the final piece will look like but I'll muddle through with a basic idea. (I'm aiming to whore Moodswings Tigerheart piece as much as possible :P )

I've promised a couple of collabs. They may happen eventually :D
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I'm back from my residential thingy. It was fine, the staff were friendly and it snowed for 3 days so there were plenty of snowball fights- all good fun :)

So I arrived yesterday afternoon, switched on the PC and after 15 minutes it switched itself off, let off a pretty loud bang and emitted some smoke. Not good. I have no idea if I'll be able to rescue anything off the hard drive. Luckily I'd saved some stuff I'd been working on to a USB before I left.

I've brought down the even older, even slower Pentium 3 from the loft (probably about 9  yrs old). It has a whopping 601MHz processor and 256mb of RAM... I can't even play a music vid on youtube and surf DA at the same time, and even scrolling is jerky. I tried opening a 10mb file on PS and it took several minutes. >.<

My Mum says I have to wait about 4 or 5 months until we get anything new. Wtf. Can anyone see the sense in that???! I'm going to whinge and whine and have a tantrum until she gives in and gets a cheap CPU from Dell or something. I don't hold out much hope though... :(

10 Days of Easter holiday left. Unable to do any graphics :noes:

Why me? >_>
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